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Create Your Own Battle Quotes

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Create Your Own Battle Quotes

Post  Takenaka Hanbei on Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:26 am

Got bored, thought of this idea, let's pass the time with it 8|

These can be used for either yourself or your RP character. I could care less xD


100 KO Count--
Defeated Enemy Officer (1)--
Defeated Enemy Officer (2)--
Inspired (Morale Increases)--
1000 KO Count--
Ally 1000 KO Count--
Requesting Reinforcements--
Giving Reinforcements--
True Musou--
Returning to Battlefield--
Command Attack--
Command Defend--
Command Follow--
Receiving Orders--
Unit In Danger--

Takenaka Hanbei's (Custom):
100 KO Count-- All right, who's next?
Defeated Enemy Officer (1)-- Enemy officer defeated!
Defeated Enemy Officer (2)-- My strategies succeed again.
Inspired (Morale Increases)-- Impressive. Men, do not fall behind!
1000 KO Count-- 1,000 down? Feels a bit excessive.
Ally 1000 KO Count-- Magnificent, I doubt I could do as well.
Retreat-- This is why I don't fight on the front...
Defeat-- Defeat, I really don't like it.
Requesting Reinforcements-- If you could send some help, I'd appreciate it.
Giving Reinforcements-- I won't leave you alone, let's go!
Musou-- Just try and stop me!
True Musou-- If I die, let it be on the field!
Returning to Battlefield-- I'm back, what'd I miss?
Command Attack-- I feel a charge is needed now.
Command Defend-- Hold the lines and prepare for them!
Command Follow-- Let's work together and show them our unity!
Receiving Orders-- Understood.
Taunt-- This is a taunt. Is it working?
Slain-- I think... It's time... For a nap...
Executed-- I'm sorry, everybody, this is as far as I could go.
Unit In Danger-- It's not like I'm in danger or anything... But help me!!!
Rallying-- Remember the peace we fight for, and continue on!
Takenaka Hanbei

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Zhou Yu (Custom) Battle Quotes

Post  Ionicz on Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:48 pm

100 KO Count-- Just stop trying.
Defeated Enemy Officer (1)-- Too easy.
Defeated Enemy Officer (2)-- Your pathetic excuse of a fight is pretty amusing.
Inspired (Morale Increases)-- Now that's how it's suppose to be done..!
1000 KO Count-- Numbers are nothing, try a new tactic.
Ally 1000 KO Count-- Don't rack up so much glory and get your head lobbed off now.
Retreat-- Tch.. I guess they got us this time.
Defeat-- They probably believe our defeat was really all a plan, huh?
Requesting Reinforcements-- I'm gonna need some back up over here.
Giving Reinforcements-- Calm down, I'm coming.
Musou-- I swear if this is blocked..
True Musou-- Join the Fallen.
Returning to Battlefield-- Make them believe I'm seeking revenge.
Command Attack-- Slaughter them all.
Command Defend-- Form a Defensive formation now.
Command Follow-- Everyone on my lead.
Receiving Orders-- Very well.
Taunt-- Oh don't mind me, I'll just be passing right through here..
Slain-- I guess.. I'm going back..
Executed-- At least give me a Soldier's death..
Unit In Danger-- As sad as it is, could anyone provide a hand?
Rallying--Show them the Legacy of the Xu Empire!


"I will ninjafy every character I roleplay as..."

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