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Basic Rules of the Game

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Basic Rules of the Game

Post  Foxiest on Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:36 am

1. Before signing up for the roleplay, you need to receive confirmation from an Admin. Your character profile should be written and placed in the Members Area for approval - in the appropriate section. It's advised to choose a character which is currently not taking to avoid mass confusion. A list of all the current players and their characters will also be found in the Members Area.
(With changing characters, you can only change your character twice a month! Too much changing ruins your plotlines!)

2. You cannot have more than one character in the roleplay. Which means you cannot have multiple accounts in this roleplay. If you are caught, you will be banned.

3. Godmodding is also against the rules in this roleplay. If you are caught doing so, you will receive a suspension which acts as two warnings. Three warnings and you are banned.

4. Magic/Powers are not accepted into this roleplay as we are recreating historical events. Some characters will have exceptions such as Zhuge Liang etc. Sengoku Basara characters are completely stripped of their powers.

5. This is a Koei roleplay which means we prefer players playing characters from either the Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Kessen or Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. OC characters are accepted, but must seem realistic and fit into any of these time periods.

6. Foul language is forbidden in this roleplay. If you do so, you will receive one warning.

7. Insulting other players will give you a suspension, equal to 2 warnings.

8. With the money system, if you are caught cheating the amounts of gold you have, you will receive one warning. Money can only be given to rulers of a kingdom via the Head Admin.

9. For people who wish to become an Admin/Mod, they need to make sure of a few things. They need to undergo a test, but those tests are only done when Admins are requested for.

- There are no Admin tests currently going on. No new people are needed.

Also, players who have been given a warning, suspended or banned (Given a second chance) CANNOT take an Admin test. It's only fair.

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