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Empires Mode: Battle System

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Empires Mode: Battle System

Post  Ionicz on Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:56 pm

Battle System-

►There will be 3 chats in total. 2 chats will be used as Main camps, 1 chat used as front line bases.

Generals have the option to pull all forces out of the main camp to put
off a full-proof frontal dominant attack strategy.(But do note you
cannot crossover base paths and go straight to the enemies main camp
without passing through the front line. It goes Main Camp→Front
Lines←Main Camp)

►The Main Camps will be occupied by the ruler, or whoever the ruler chooses to be the Conditional General or Main Camp General.

►The Conditional General serves the conditions of the ruler(or if the ruler
is not present for the battle, then the general chosen by the ruler to
take his place)or the chosen general leader which carries that if he/she
is defeated then the battle is lost for the defeated general side.

Generals usually stay in the Main Camp and direct orders but are
allowed to put a Main Camp General in charge and leave to go fight or
check up on things.

►Main Camp Generals hold the main camp when rulers/chosen generals go off but do not bear any conditions.

►Battles will also decide majorly on morale points. Morale points are only
counted by winning over bases/chats.(by defeating the general there or
making him/her retreat). Taking the FL base overtaking is counted as a
+5 for the overtaking force. Taking a main camp is counted as a +10.
Each side starts with 10 morale points from their own main camp.
Defeating a general is 10 morale points.Then at the end of the battle,
take the morale ratio and divide them by each other.(For example if the
ratio is 6:3 then it would equal 2. And since the force with the morale
of 6 is higher, you would add that 2 to their overall points which
decide the entire battle.)

►Messenger General-This general basically
goes back and forth between the front lines and their main camp to
report to the Ruler/Conditional General all of the events that are
happening. They can be attacked and are accounted for their own defense.

►When a battle is about to start, all generals from each force must go to
their designated chat. All chats chosen for the war must be listed when
date/time/etc are listed. Before a battle is to start, the Head Admin is
to receive a list like this from each force:

Ruler/Conditional General:
(Main Camp General):
Front Line General:
(Messenger General):
Other Notes to Add:

►There will be no cheating at all, any player caught cheating will be told
to stop their actions and continue playing fairly, anymore further
unfair acts will result in Admin consequence.

►The general count, including the 100,000 troops for 1 general count will also
matter.(Suppose the general ratio is 25:15, dividing would give 1.6
which rounds to 2. That 2 goes to the overall count.)

►Performance Skills will also determine parts of the battle. Admins/Mods/Volunteer
Mods will determine FAIRLY who dies or who lives. Being wounded will
also count against you if you don't retreat to your main camp to heal
for 5 min. Admins/Mods/Volunteer Mods will take note of this and also
can be players fighting on a side. Admins/Mods/Volunteer Mods will
communicate after the battle to decide battle conclusions, and
performance skills at the end of the battle. Whichever side the
Admins/Mods/Volunteer Mods think had the better performance will add 5
overall points to that side.

►Troop Loss-This will depend on general
and base lost. If a general retreats, 500 is lost, if a general is
killed, 1000 is lost, if a main camp is lost, 1000 is lost. And if the
battle is lost, 2500 is lost

►Siege Loss- This will depend entirely
fairly on Admin/Mod/Volunteer Mod watch because depending if a force
even uses the certain siege weapon or not and if the other force even
reacts to the siege attacks.

►In the end, whichever force with the higher amount of overall points wins.


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